Cynthia Cui is a researcher, designer and (kind of a) morning person living in Vancouver, working on crafting beautiful experiences and interfaces. Periodically, Cynthia dabbles in producing her own monthly recap videos. She also keeps her graphic design skills fresh by creating cover art for her playlists.

Cynthia finds influence from the poetics of the web, books, interior design, and music with good bass lines. Her passion for product design comes from the motivation to create honest and meaningful products that improve the human experience and is informed by and centred upon the intricacies of marginalised experiences in our digital world.

Currently, she is wrapping up her M.A. at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology and redefining the booking and homepage experience for Curiko.

She is available for 2024 new grad UX design or curatorial positions.

It's me waving my hand at the webcam.


Selected Works

Curiko logoScreenshots of mobile screens that I designed.Screenshots from new homescreenScreenshots from new homescreen

2023–2024 (Case study coming soon)
Qualitative Research, Web & Mobile Design, Project Management

Pickup coverComponents of PickupNotification designV1 designs

2023–2024 (Join TestFlight)
iOS Design, Branding, Art Direction

The Water We Call HomeThe Water We Call Home scrapbook, designed by me.The Water We Call Home exhibition at the Gulf of Georgia CanneryThe Water We Call Home exhibition at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery
The Water We Call Home

2023 (Visit Website)
Archival Research, Co-Design, Exhibition Curation

The Water We Call Home

2023 (Case study coming soon)
iOS Design


(Coming soon)